The Smart Balls are too big for me and very uncomfortable


The Smart Balls are not for me and I want to exchange them for Natratone, how can I arrange this?

Pelvic Floor Answers

For health and safety reasons we are not able to accept returns or exchange products, however we do want to help you to be able to help you use the Smart Balls effectively.

Most women are able to insert the Smart Balls as the vagina is able to expand when your muscles are relaxed. The main cause of discomfort or difficulty with using Smart Balls is when women tighten their pelvic floor muscles prior to inserting, this is usually involuntary.

I recommenced squeezing and relaxing your vaginal muscles without the SmartBall inserted to get used to what it feels like when they are relaxed, at the same time breathe slowly and deeply, practise this for a couple of days frequently.

When you are ready, stand with one bent leg on a chair. Then using the single Smart Ball with plenty of lube, squeeze and relax your muscles a few times before gently inserting the ball. If your muscles spasm, stop and breathe/squeeze and relax and try again.

The Ball needs to be inserted high in the vagina rather like a tampon. If it is inserted too low, it will fall out or be very uncomfortable as it is below the pelvic floor muscles. When inserted high, it rests on top of the muscles and you my almost not feel anything at all. the loop of the string should be just outside the body, if this is uncomfortable pop it just inside the vaginal opening.

Start for a short time 10-15 min and aim to add the same amount of time on each day.