I dont have any specific pelvic floor issues, but want to make sure I maintain good pelvic floor muscles


I would like to improve strengthen my pelvic floor muscles.  I'm not pregnant, nor likely to be, nor have I had a prolapse.  How do I know which product to buy ie the SmartBall or NatraTone?  

Will the pelvic floor muscles strengthen only if you do pelvic floor exercises as well as using the product, or will they strengthen if you only use the product and don't do any exercises?

Pelvic Floor Answers

I would recommend the Smart Balls for you as they are the most popular and very easy to use option. The Smart Balls effectively do the exercises for you the entire time you are using them, so while you can do active pelvic floor exercises as well if you wish, you do not have to. Either way the SmartBalls, when used as per the information provided, stimulate the muscles to contract.
The ideal set up is the powerpack with the Single Uno and Double Duo Smart Balls with lubricant. The Uno is easier to use and gets your pelvic floor muscles active, the Duo gives you the long term benefits with the ideal weight for ongoing pelvic floor tone.
You can use these repeatedly at different life stages ie menopause.