I am heading overseas soon and wonder if I can wear Smart Balls whilst flying?


I use the SmartBalls for a prolapse and wondered if you can fly in a plane with these inserted. Are they likely to set the metal detectors off. That could be embarrassing when travelling overseas.

Pelvic Floor Answers

We would not recommend wearing SmartBalls during international travel as with current airport requirements it could potentially cause you long delays and some distress should the SmartBalls trigger the metal detectors, and now that there are very sensitive body scanners at some airports, there is a good chance the SmartBalls would be picked up.

The internally located weight in the SmartBalls is made of metal,whilst the outer sealed shell is made from medical grade silicone.

Also depending on whether you are flying up the pointy end of the plane or scrunched into economy, it may not be ideal wearing your SmartBalls. Getting the SmartBalls out or putting them in could be tricky in those tiny aeroplane toilets. 

Great that you are so committed, however I would recommend waiting until you clear customs before popping them back in.

Safe travels.