What should I be using for a vaginal prolapse, SmartBalls or Natratone?


I have a vaginal prolapse and wondered if I should purchase the Smart Balls or the Natratone?

Pelvic Floor Answers

We recommend the Natratone for women with mild to moderate prolapse, as many women with prolapse are not able to wear the Smart Balls correctly if the prolapse is pushing into the vagina and reducing the available space.
The Natratone ists in the vaginal opening whilst you do a series of active pelvic floor exercises around the Natratone device.

For women with prolapse we recommend a longer period using the Natratone than the minimum 6 weeks and you are able to continue using the Natratone or simply continuing the exercises you will learn as part of the programme for the long term.

Prolapse cannot easily or usually be reversed, however with good pelvic floor tone, you may be able to prevent a deterioration and reduce the impact of the prolapse.

For women with severe prolapse or who are considering pelvic floor surgery, using the Natratone may bring some improvements and we recommend getting your muscles in as good shape as possible to ensure quicker recovery times should you choose surgery.

For some women, improved pelvic floor tone can be an alternative to surgery.