I don't have a prolapse but have had to give up activities like running around after the boys and sneezing is a real problem...


Hi it has been suggested to me to try your SmartBalls

Can you tell me what delivery time is from time of order?

Also from reading your site i'm unsure as to whether to order the Smart Balls or the Naratone.

I wonder what your recommendation to people starting out would be? I am a mother of 2 boys under 6, so life is busy and on the go constantly. When i'm not with the boys i'm working full time as well.
I don't have a prolapse or anything but I'm finding that sneezing and anything to do with running around after the kids is a no go zone!! I also find I have no lower core strength which is affecting my cycling as well.
I'm sure my pelvic floor is the root of the problem.

With the smart balls do you insert and leave in for the day while you get on with life? I am keen to get started and hopefully have fun with my boys running around !!

Pelvic Floor Answers

Thank you for your email enquiry re SmartBalls and Natratone. The delivery time for orders delivered within NZ is 3-5 working days.We deliver nationwide including rural delivery using Courier Post.

From what you have described, it is very likely that you Pelvic Floor muscles are the cause of your bladder weakness issues. Around 40% of women experience stress incontinence in their adulthood. Childbearing is the primary cause, and if you haven't got your pelvic floor muscles in shape between children, the problem compounds.
Toning and strengthening these will correct and the stress incontinence that you are experiencing and then set you up to prevent future problems.
The majority of our customers choose SmartBalls as this muscle training system works in well women with busy lives and little time.
You wear them as you go about your daily activities and once you have got the hang of them, you can incorporate them into other exercise regimes. Running after your boys is the perfect time to be wearing them as the more active you are, the more actively SmartBalls will tone your pelvic floor.
The PowerPack is the most popular option as this offers both introductory and long term pelvic floor training systems and your medical grade SmartBalls can be re-used at different life stages.

We recommend Natratone for women with prolapse related issues,where inserting the SmartBalls may be more difficult and for women who are pregnant. While it does require 'active' exercise (where as SmartBalls do the work for you), the amount of time is minimal - 5 minutes 2x per day at least every other day.
Hope this helps you make the right choice for your lifestyle and good luck getting back in shape!