Do I need to get lube or can I use SmartBalls without lube?


I have some red strawberry lube at home, I notice you recommend a lube without flavour or colour. Can I use this or no lube at all?

Pelvic Floor Answers

While you can use SmartBalls without lube, we recommend using lube each time for greater comfort as you are aiming to wear the SmartBalls for long periods of time. As you are not generally aroused when wearing the balls, you may not have sufficient natural lubrication for the balls to move comfortably and more particularly when you are inserting and removing the SmartBalls it may be uncomfortable.

Menopausal women often have reduced natural lubrication and if you are in this life phase we would recommend always using lube.

The lube you use is important too. Flavoured and coloured lubricants often include chemicals and sugars that can cause irritation and thrush. Whilst this style of lube can be ok for occasional use, we would not recommend it as your main lube for sexual activity and definitely not for use with SmartBalls. 
Whilst very few women are sensitive to the medical grade silicone of the SmartBalls, many women have an allergic reaction to flavoured lubes, especially after repeated use.

The lube Probe, that is included in the SmartBalls pack is a hypo-allergenic lube, tasteless, odourless and colour free, we have been selling this for over 18 years and it has been very popular.Probe has a natural preservative, is long lasting and has been designed to mimic your natural lubrication so only a small amount is required.

There are other brands of great hypoallergenic lubes that are tasteless available on the market including, Sylk, Smooch and Flow Motion are natural alternatives and all created in New Zealand.