My mom is 64 years old and suffers from a bladder weakness. Could the Smart Balls help her a little bit or is it too late for her?


Hello, thank you so much for your information on your website. My mom is 64 years old and suffers from a bladder weakness. The problem started 10 years ago and became worse and worse. When she has a cold (with sneezing and coughing), she needs a toilet every 15 minutes to change the pads.
Could the Smart Balls help her a little bit or is it too late for her? Should she use Uno or duo Smart Balls? Thanks in advance.

Pelvic Floor Health Answers;

Thank you for your email enquiry on behalf of your Mum. 

Its definitely not too late for her to start correcting bladder weakness. Smart Balls can be used by women that have moderate to severe bladder weakness, and if she is diligent in using them, I would expect she will notice a difference in about 3 weeks, and again after 6 weeks. Even women with a prolapse can use them, so assure her that its not too late!

I would recommend she starts with the Uno (as her pelvic floor strength is probably quite low). She will also need to use the Probe, thick and rich lubricant for comfort and ease of insertion and removal. Lubricant is essential when using Smart Balls especially for post menopausal women as the lining of the vagina thins with the drop in estrogen and natural lubrication is usually diminished.

She can start with using the Uno for a just a few minutes, standing and actively squeezing to hold them in, increasing this by a few minutes every day until she finds that she can hold them without having to squeeze - once her pelvic floor muscles develop some muscle 'memory.The Uno may fall out relatively easily at first, so best if she knows this in advance and she will want to be at home while she gets the hang of them.

As hers muscles get stronger and she gets more confident she can increase the amount of time she wears them for -up to 5 hours per day, it may take several weeks or even months to get to this point and where she can also go to the toilet wearing them. But there is no hurry and best she takes is slowly and achieves good results for the long term.

Remember, once the Smart Ball is inserted and she can hold them in for more than 10-15 minutes then she can to go about her daily activities as normal and ultimately wear them out of the home as well. Marking it up on a calendar or setting a reminder on her mobile phone may be a good prompt so she remembers to use them each day. 

I hope we have answered your original question, but do come back to me if there is anything else we can help with. Happy to help.