I was wondering if I should use the NatraTone or a Smart Ball. How do you know which one would be better for you to use?

Pelvic Floor Answers

It really depends on you and the time you have available as to whether Natratone or SmartBalls would work best for you.

SmartBalls are a very easy care solution. You can wear them as you go about your daily routine and you muscles will get a work out. Provided you follow the 6-8 week daily use plan you will get good results. All you have to do is remember to put the balls in and take them out each day. Some women may need to start with the Uno-single ball and then progress to the double balls, for many women however the single ball will achieve the results they need.

Natratone are suited to women who can take the time and are committed to doing the progamme that involves lying down and working out your pelvic floor muscles. Natratone has been developed to activate all the muscles in the pelvic area and provided you follow the workout will definitely result in pelvic floor strength.

Both SmartBalls and Natratone are effective in correcting and preventing bladder weakness. Overall Natratone will activate more muscles and may more quickly give results, but require a bit more effort to use.

Either way you can’t go wrong. Both products are made from medical grade materials and can be used and reused over your lifetime.