The Natratone is recommended for 6 weeks. Can you still use it after that?
Also, in stopping yourself from leaking, is it still tightening yourself so that sex can be more enjoyable?

I mean it is not just about the leakage it is about feeling my partner too. Will Natra tone help with this?  How long does it take to deliver if I want to buy it?

Pelvic Floor Answers

You can keep using the Natratone for as long as you want to, the 6 weeks is a minimum time. Because it is made of long lasting materials, women can use them continuously or on and off over their lifetime.
The Natratone will tone and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles which will make the vaginal opening stronger and partners do notice the difference, often within a few weeks.

Also with the improved blood flow and stronger muscles your own orgasmic response is stronger. Plus you get the correction and prevention of bladder weakness.

Once you have placed the order, is is processed and sent out within 24 hours if it is a weekday and sent out the following Monday after a weekend. We use a 1-3 day courier service depending on where you live allow a couple of extra days for RD locations.

Delivery is discreet, we send out orders in unmarked courier bags, with a return address only, no business name.