What is Natratone?


Found your website and came across this Natratone programme. What I don’t understand it mentions that one has to choose carefully however it doesn’t appear to give options.
What is someone meant to be choosing. I see there is a white strange looking item – is it this that we are meant to be choosing and if so what are we looking at exactly.

Pelvic Floor Answers

There is just one NatraTone device -the small white NatraToner which comes with an instructional DVD or web link.
The NatraTone device is inserted in the vaginal opening and then you follow the exercises as demonstrated on the DVD.
The exercises using the NatraToner trains both your muscles and your brain to engage the core and pelvic floor muscles correctly to tone and strengthen them over time. 

The NatraTone is a simple and effective system for women who can commit a small amount of time to completing the exercises. You can read the 'How to' section on the website to find out more about NatraTone.