I want to understand what the Natratone exercises do or don't do and the commitment required on my part


How much space would I need to do the Natratone exercises (we have a small house and I gather privacy might be useful!) - i.e. are they sitting, standing, combination?
With prolapse, would I continue to do them every day/every second day for the rest of my life - how likely using Natratone is it that I'd only do exercises for 3 months and then not need them anymore? Just trying to be sure I understand what the exercises do or don't do and the commitment on my part. And what if I could do them once a day, but every day? Would I still be likely to receive enough benefits for it to be worthwhile?

Pelvic Floor Answers

The exercises start with 2 weeks on the floor. it can be helpful to have access to watch the video while doing them. You could wear a long skirt or have a blanket over your lower body or even wear pants. Then there are 2 weeks sitting and 2 weeks standing using the Natratoner.
The Natratone programme teaches you how to do the exercises both with the device inserted and then the same exercises without the device. For all women and especially for women with prolapse, pelvic floor exercises are a lifelong necessity to prevent bladder weakness.
Natratone helps you to focus and identify the correct muscles and will provide greater support for the prolapse, preventing it from deteriorating.
The minimum recommendation is 5 minutes 2x a day 3 days per week for at least 6 weeks and likely to be 12 weeks for a prolapse. Every day once per day would definitely provide benefits, the repetition is important. Long term you may keep up the exercises without the Natratoner. The reality for most women is we do lapse, and at any stage you can resume using the device.
We cannot guarantee that your prolapse will disappear, but your outcomes are likely to be greatly improved.
Hope that answers your queries and feel free to ask any more.