What is safe for me to use to improve my pelvic floor muscles whilst pregnant?


Hi, your website says SmartBalls are safe prior to pregnancy, I am currently 28 weeks with our second baby and having a cold have discovered I definitely did not do enough after our first baby! Is there anything I can use while pregnant or should I wait until after baby comes?

Pelvic Floor Answers

It is a good idea to get your pelvic floors in shape now as this will help support all your pelvic organs throughout your pregnancy as well as help recovery from childbirth.

You can use the Natratone, this is safe to use during pregnancy as it sits in the vaginal opening while you do the exercises and then you remove it whereas Smart Balls are worn internally for lengthy periods of time. We do always recommend talking with your health practitioner first. 

I would recommend starting as soon as possible. The Natratone comes with an instructional DVD and is very easy to use. Improved pelvic floor tone will not only prevent bladder weakness during and after your pregnancy but also can give you more control in the birthing process and quicker recovery times.

You can continue to use the Natratone after giving birth to help get you toned and we would encourage this. The Natratone device is made from a medical grade non-porous plastic and is easy to clean and long lasting. You can reuse it throughout different life stages.