Having trouble wearing the SmartBall Uno


I purchased an Uno Smart Ball over the weekend, but I have experienced a lot of discomfort when inserting and removing it the two times I have tried it (despite using a generous amount of lubricant and relaxing my pelvic floor muscles). It has now got to the stage where I am terrified of using it again!

Once the SmartBall is inserted, I don't feel it at all and it stays in place, but the pain I experience when inserting and removing it is more than I can bear! I'm not exactly sure why this is as I have given birth vaginally to two children, but the stinging and stretching I feel around my perineum just about reduces me to tears! Is there a smaller size ball available

Pelvic Floor Answers

Sorry to hear you are having difficulties using the SmartBall. It is very important to relax your pelvic floor muscles as you insert and remove. If you are tensing up it will be difficult to do so without discomfort. I would also suggest massaging a little plain oil - olive oil or sweet almond oil will be fine - into your perineum to soften it as it is possible you have some scar tissue and are not aware of it.