Will my lube prevent my birth control pill from working?


I recently purchased a Smart Balls from you and it came with the lubricant. Looking through the ingredients I noticed that it has grapefruit seed extract in it, Grapefruit extract can be harmful when used in conjunction with birth control pills which I am on, so I'm now too concerned to use the lubricant, should I be? I understand the benefits of grapefruit seed extract however being on the pill means there is potential more risk than reward,

It would be great if you had an alternate option considering I imagine many of your customers are on the pill and oblivious to the fact that there is grapefruit seed extract in the lubricant, especially as it is not noted on the Smart balls "beginners pack" or "power pack" pages on your website which is where I purchased from. I did try to find out information on whether or not it is safe for me to use the lubricant however all I could find was warnings to avoid ALL grapefruit seed extract

Pelvic Floor Answers

I have contacted the supplier of Probe and have some information for you. If we receive any additional information I will forward that to you as well. Davryan Laboratories are a reputable American lube manufacturer.

Probe lubricant uses Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE), a glycerin extract of grapefruit seed, rind and pulp. The GSE in Probe lubricants is present in concentration of less than a tenth of a percent (<.1%). Probe lubricants have been on the market since 1981.

Estrogen in the form of estradiol can be affected by grapefruit.This means a woman taking birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy might have higher levels of estrogen circulating in her blood stream if she also consumes grapefruit. This can lead to breast tenderness in some women. A lifetime of high levels of estrogen is not recommended.

The Grapefruit Seed Extract present in Probe is a considerably lower concentration than in a natural grapefruit and regular use is for a relatively short period of time, we consider it is very unlikely to have an impact on a woman's health. Probe uses a GSE as a natural preservative and a alternative to the chemicals used in most lubricants.

The supplier has not had any customer or retailer feedback regarding side effects listed above. Likewise we have been selling Probe since 1998 and have not yet has any feedback re a negative reaction. (Our customers are very good at giving feedback). You could consult with your doctor and/or ask them for an opinion from the manufacturer if you have concerns.

We do have an alternative lubricant available called Yes Organic lubricant which has Aloe Vera as the natural preservative which can be purchased separately.

Please let me know if you would like further information and we will research further as well and let you know.