I am 26 years of age, I don't have any bladder weakness issues currently. I have not had children, but are in process of trying to conceive. I have been doing pilates for a few months now. Would Smart Balls be beneficial to me in any way now?

Why are they not recommended during pregnancy? Do they have any risk during that time we don't realise we are pregnant yet.

If you think smart balls would be useful, would just just suggest the beginner pack or another type?

Pelvic Floor Answers

SmartBalls are good for women of all ages and especially good in preparation for and then recovery from childbirth. Around 80% of pregnant women experience some form of bladder weakness during pregnancy, so anything you can do to get your pelvic floor muscles in shape is a good thing.
SmartBalls are not recommended for use during pregnancy because all manufacturers are cautious, especially as the balls are worn vaginally for prolonged periods of time.

Of themselves they do not cause harm and are unlikely to be a problem during the early stages of pregnancy. Once you know you are pregnant we suggest you stop using them and continue with pelvic floor exercises.

The Powerpack is the ideal as you can start on the single and progress to the double balls. The Duos are the ideal weight for strong pelvic floor muscles.

SmartBalls are designed to last for years and you can keep using them at different life stages and before and after each pregnancy if you decide to have more children.
After giving birth (at least 6 weeks when everything has healed), is a really good time to get your pelvic floor muscles back in shape to prevent long term bladder weakness issues. If you decide to have more children this will also set you up for having good pelvic floor strength during pregnancy.

If you want something you can use throughout the pregnancy as well as before and after, then Natratone is more suitable.