I see you don't recommend the weights during pregnancy, is there any harm until you actually find out you're pregnant?


Hi, I am interested in your pelvic floor weights but was wanting some recommendations. 
I am 26 years old, have not had children, currently trying to conceive.

I have not experienced any bladder weakness, but Im keen to maintain or build stronger pelvic floor. I do pilates classes 1-2x a week, started 6-8 months ago. (Not sure if bladder weakness/prolapse is hereditary but Mum Mother and Nana have great trouble with this).
I see you don't recommend the weights during pregnancy, is there any harm until you actually find out your pregnant?

Pelvic Floor Answers

It is completely fine to keep using the Smart Balls whilst you are trying to conceive and until you know you are pregnant. Smart Balls are simply a muscle training system and do not interfere with the process of conception. Women with stronger pelvic floor muscles do often notice an increase in sexual sensation, as do their partners which is a good thing when you are trying to conceive.

Most manufacturers are extra cautious about pregnancy which is why they don't recommend use during this time.. The better shape your pelvic floors are in before you are carrying much baby weight, the less likely you are to have bladder weakness or other difficulties such as prolapse. Pilates is also an excellent way of maintaining good pelvic floor muscles, so the combination will be excellent.

Pregnancy is one of the primary causes of bladder weakness as the change in hormones in preparation for childbirth combined with the constant and growing weight of the baby makes it difficult to maintain good pelvic floors throughout pregnancy. Weak pelvic floor muscles can also be inherited, however you can rectify this.

The Natratone is safe to use throughout your pregnancy as well as before and after, so this could be a good option for you. It is far easier to do the work before you are pregnant and then maintain throughout the pregnancy than it is to try to recover your pelvic floor strength after giving birth.