Are SmartBalls made of body safe materials?


I’m interested in purchasing the smartballs however I see there are different brands. As I will be putting the balls inside my body,I want to be sure they are safe. Could you please tell me what they are made off and which country they are made in, thank you.

Pelvic Floor Answers

The SmartBalls are made from medical grade silicone. This material does not absorb body fluids, is super hygienic and easy to clean in hot soapy water. Few people have allergies to medical grade silicone and it is compatible with any water-based lubricant.
This silicone is also durable and Smart Balls are designed to last and be reused as required over a number of years.

SmartBalls are made by the German manufacturer Fun Factory in Germany, and were developed in partnership with a German incontinence specialist midwife.
Fun Factory are a very ethical business and have been using medical grade silicone since they started. The company itself is committed to keeping their manufacturing base in Germany - unlike many other European business that make their products in cheaper overseas factories.

There are many copies of their products, however these are originals and we source and import them directly from the manufacturer in Germany.