I had a traumatic birth and now it looks like my insides are falling out...help!


Im looking for suitable stuff to improve my very weak pelvic floor muscles. Down here, it looks like inside (tissue/flesh) is coming out or falling out of the opening vagina after a traumatic birth with my 7 year old.. I assume its because of my weak pelvic floor will smart balls or whatever help?

Pelvic Floor Answers

It is possible that you have a pelvic organ prolapse and I would recommend getting checked out by your GP. If the prolapse is serious, they can also refer you to a women's health physio, a service provided through hospitals, they can teach you some techniques to help as well and may refer you to a specialist.
A prolapse is a very common outcome of a difficult birth, where the uterus or one of the organs such as the bladder are pushing on the wall of the vagina and sometimes forcing it out of the vaginal opening.
While you cannot reverse a prolapse through stronger pelvic floor muscles, you may be able to make some improvements in bladder control and improved blood flow and sensation to the area. Should you require surgery, we recommend working on your pelvic floor exercises to help with recovery.

It is likely you will have difficulty inserting and holding the Smart Balls in place and  we would recommend using the Natratone instead, ideally more frequently and for a longer period of time than the minimum recommended. for example start initially using the Natratone 2x 3 days per week and increase to daily for 3-5 months.

We definitely recommend seeking professional advice as a range of treatment are likely to give you the best outcomes