I am a Mum of 2, I am very fit and went for a run yesterday, I struggled not to lose bladder control.


Hi I am looking to purchase the Smart Balls but am unsure whether to get the uno or the duo. I have just turned 40 and have two lovely young boys aged 2 and 4 months. My older son was 5kg and my younger 4.3kg so I have had big boys, although first was c-section. I have always been fit and active, having worked in fitness industry for years and never had issues with pelvic floor.

I am breastfeeding and understand this can weaken pelvic floor. I have dabbled in pilates and know quite a few exercises but yesterday I went for a run and on a steep downhill part really struggled to not lose bladder control and had to walk. I have not really had any issues prior to this although it was the first major exercise I have done since baby was born however I do feel a sagging feeling in my pelvic floor especially when tired.

I don't have a prolapse or any issues post birth and my birth was pretty straight forward. I was going to buy the duo on line but thought I would get your opinion first. Any assistance is greatly appreciated

Pelvic Floor Answers

Thank you for your email. Pregnancy is the primary cause of bladder weakness, long term carrying of a baby in utero the constant pressure on your pelvic organs and pelvic floor muscles and hormonal changes to soften the muscles to allow for childbirth all contribute to this. It is quite usual with each child for the issue to become more of a problem without active pelvic floor workouts before during and after pregnancy.

Breastfeeding actually causes the muscles to contract and tighten so definitely worth continuing to breastfeed and it is not correct that this weakens the pelvic floor in fact the opposite is true. Breastfeeding helps the uterus and pelvic floor muscles to strengthen.
Pregnancy can make it hard to recognise where your pelvic floor muscles are and Smart Balls are helpful as they activate your muscles.

We recommend starting with the single ball (uno) and then moving on to the double balls (duo). As starting on the doubles can be too challenging, especially as you have recently had a baby.

Many midwives  recommend a gentle reintroduction to exercise after giving birth and walking might be a good place to stat before moving on to running. You will be able to wear the Smart Ball Uno whilst walking and then running once you have got the hang of using it.

The Power Pack has everything you need to get your pelvic floors back in to shape and can be resused throughout your life as menopause and older ager are other life stages where pelvic floor muscles can weaken.