I think I have a prolapsed uterus, can Smart Balls help?


I think I have prolapsed uterus, I can managed to put SmartBall Duo inside me but don't know how high inside me its supposed to be? How long the string should be outside of vagina? And can Smart Balls help a prolapsed uterus to go away?

Pelvic Floor Answers 

A prolapsed uterus is generally a situation that does not 'go away' as the uterus is out of position and pushes into the vaginal wall. However good pelvic floor tone can often reduce any problems such as pressure on the bladder and help to support your pelvic organs.

If you have not had a your prolapse diagnosed, I would recommend getting a referral from your GP to see a women's health physiotherapist, this is a free service offered through hospitals -wait list can be a few months-or you cans see one privately for $100-$150ish. They can also give you some helpful exercises.
If you are able to insert the duo balls above your pelvic floor muscles, then it may be that you have a very mild prolapse or no prolapse.
Depending on how significant your prolapse is, if you have one, then it can be fairly challenging to insert both the 2 balls of the Duo and we often recommend that women start with the single ball as it takes up less room, is lighter easier to use.

The SmartBalls are designed to rest on top of your pelvic floor muscles -not in the vaginal canal -and are inserted similar to a tampon. If they feel like they are falling down, then they are probably not high enough. A little of the string should stay outside the body for retrieval, most of it will be inside.
If you are struggling to use the Duo, I recommend trying the single Smart Ball Uno or the Natratone, which we recommend for women with mild to moderate prolapse as it is placed in the vaginal canal while you do a series of exercises and not worn higher in the vagina