I tried wearing the Smart Ball half in half out but it was painful


Thank you for the prompt delivery of my order. I have tried wearing the ball, but even with a lot of lubricant I can't insert it properly. I had excruciating pain. But I wore it anyway, half out/half in for 1 hour. After that I was bleeding a bit. What am I doing wrong ???

Pelvic Floor Answers

Thank you for your email. I am sorry to hear you are having difficulties using your SmartBall.
You should definitely not be experiencing any pain or bleeding and it sounds like the balls have not been correctly inserted as they should not be outside the vagina as you wear them.

It is important to relax your muscles as you insert the Smart Balls into the vagina , lubricant should make this more comfortable, however if your muscles are tense it will be difficult to insert. Deep breathing and tightening then loosening your muscles before inserting the balls-should help you to identify what the muscles around the vaginal opening feel like when relaxed.

The SmartBalls need to be inserted high up into the vagina-like a tampon, if they are hanging outside of you they are not in the correct position and this could account for the pain and bleeding. Only the loop should be outside the body and only a little, if this is rubbing, you can gently insert the loop so it stays inside as well.

Some women find they have greater sensitivity just before or just after menstruating so you may need to avoid wearing them initially at this time, we do not recommend using them if you have your period either.

Please read here for correct technique inserting and wearing Smart Balls, this information is also on the leaflet that comes in the box with your Smart Balls.

If you try these techniques and are still having difficulties, please email back and we will look at other options.