Should you be able to go toilet whilst the smart ball is insitu?


Hi, i was wondering if you could help me please i brought a smart ball uno probably 12 months ago and have not been disciplined in using it and have also recently taking up playing a sport so have really realised the desperate need for me to use the smart ball, i only got the uno as i think i have some mild pelvic organ prolapse also what i want to know is should you be able to go toilet whilst the smart ball is insitu? Also do you continue to use it during your period? Thanks for your help.

Pelvic Floor Answers

You can go to the toilet with Smart Ball Uno in, however it takes a bit of practise. We recommend you use the Smart Ball for a short period to start with, say half an hour to an hour and add to the amount each day. As your muscles get stronger and you get better control, you will find you can relax the correct muscles in order to be able to urinate, without pushing the balls out.
Ideally you want to be able to wear the Uno for a full working day - as long as you are upright -sitting or standing or moving around. We also recommend using a hypoallergenic lubricant with the SmartBall.
Some women choose not to use SmartBalls when they have thier period as often the vagina is more sensitive and it can be messy, however it is safe to do so provided you are not using tampons.
Hope that helps and here are the instructions for Smart Ball use  if you need a refresher.