I would like to tone my muscles more - but the duo just isn't quite enough for me...


A while back I purchased smart balls uno for my daughter and duo for myself. At the time I think you had a stronger small balls product as well? I do a lot of yoga etc and really hardly notice the duo, I was wondering if you still sell something a little 'gruntier?'

Pelvic Floor Answers 

You may have previously purchased the SmartBalls Original which are a double pair, however made from a harder material than the Uno. These have since been replaced by the Smart Balls Duo. If this is the case then the Duo - made from the same softer medical grade silicone as the Uno - are heavier than the Smart Balls Original.

However most women do not notice the Smart Balls after a short time of use as we do not have a lot of nerve endings high in the vagina. This is a good sign and indicates your pelvic floor muscles are able to hold the Smart Balls in place. To increase the effort we would recommend wearing your Smart Balls during exercise such as running, bouncing on the trampoline or walking and wearing them for longer periods of time- up to 8-10 hours per day-when upright.

You should notice improved bladder control- if this was an issue prior to using the Smart Balls, and if you have a male sexual partner you are likely to notice improved sexual sensation, as is he.