Are you able to start using any of your products during pregnancy and is there any point?


Are you able to start using these during pregnancy/is there any point?.. Im only 22 week pregnant and seem to be pelvic floor seems to be getting worse by the day..

Pelvic Floor Answers

It's not recommended to use SmartBalls during pregnancy, sorry. I appreciate what you're going through with being at the mid-point of a pregnancy and already experiencing 'issues'.

NatraTone  can be used during pregnancy -we recommend first checking with your lead maternity carer in case there are any other issues. Women achieve very good results from Natratone and as pregnancy is one of the main causes of bladder weakness it is great to have a product you can use during this time. I recommend reading up on Natratone. Fortunately it is easy to use and only takes a small amount of time 3 days a week.

You might also find that as baby moves (into it's permanent position to get to full term) and your body adjusts, the initial problems you've been having might abate or lessen. 
Good luck and let me know if I can help you with anything else.