I'm 70 years old and wear a thin pad all the time because of bladder leakage. Frequently I need to change the pad during the day.


I haven't been sexually active for many years and want to know whether I would be likely to have any problems using Smart Balls. Also, can you tell me if they are comfortable inside the vagina or if there would be any discomfort or pain. I don't have pelvic organ prolapse. Are they left in 24/7?

Pelvic Floor Answers

Thank you for your enquiry. Smart Balls are only worn while you are upright ie not worn when you are lying down and are a muscle training system, so you start wearing them for short periods of time and the increase gradually. Ultimately you are aiming on wearing them for 5-10 hour per day for 6-12 weeks minimum.
They come with step by step instructions and you can read all about how to use them on our website.
We recommend using a good quality lubricant with Smart Balls and this is included in the beginner pack. I would recommend the single Smart Ball and lube option for you. Very few women suffer from discomfort and Smart Balls when correctly inserted with lubricant should not be painful. You may initially feel the weight of them, however after a host period of time, most women do not feel them at all.
The entire time you wear them, provided you are sitting, standing or moving around, your pelvic floor muscles get a work out.You can read more on how to use Smart Balls.