Is it normal to experience this type of pain when using Smart Balls for the first time?


I recently purchased the Uno Smart Ball. I gave birth 11 weeks ago and am suffering from light bladder leakage when I cough or sneeze and thought Id give smart balls a go. I tore quite badly during my delivery and had to be repaired in surgery post partum. I thought I had healed up quite well until I went to try the smart balls.
I found it painful to insert (despite using a lubricant) and even more painful to remove it. I also bled a little at the entrance to my vagina where the scar begins in my perineum. Is it normal to experience this type of pain when using them for the first time? I'm a bit hesitant to continue use as a result. Thanks, 

Pelvic Floor Answers

Thank you for your enquiry. It is not normal to experience pain or discomfort when inserting or removing the Smart Balls. This would indicate to me that some more time is required for healing before you should start using them. You may want to use a natural healing product such as Aloe Vera (from the plant) or speak to a pharmacist at a natural health store about a good healing product it wont irritate the vagina. I would suggest doing some gentle pelvic floor exercises without the Smart Balls to encourage blood flow to the area and try again with the Smart Ball Uno in 4-6 weeks time.