Since giving birth even though I've been MOSTLY good at doing my exercises, I haven't seen any improvement in my pelvic floor muscles.


I'm wondering if you can help with a product recommendation?

I gave birth to my daughter 8 weeks ago. I had been pretty good at doing my Kegels throughout pregnancy, and thought I had good pelvic floor muscles.
Since giving birth I have had ongoing issues with bladder weakness. I've still been doing my exercises, although some days admittedly they do get forgotten in amoungst the chaos.
Even though I've been MOSTLY good at doing my exercises, I haven't seen any improvement.
The issue doesn't seem to be so much a sneezing or laughing thing - more like when I need to go I have trouble keeping it in right at the last moment.
Sometimes however I'm not even aware I've leaked until the end of the day when the smell makes it obvious.
I don't have funds to spare, so I'm concerned about spending unwisely - hence wanting to check for a recommendation for my specific issues.
I was wondering if the Smart Balls are the way to go? Do I need to get the set with both? Or would the Uno likely be enough to solve my issues? I'd like to keep the cost as low as possible, but would hate to buy the Uno on its own, only to HAVE to buy the next one later, when I can get them combined in the beginning.
I'm also wondering if I would have trouble using them... I had some pretty nasty tearing during childbirth, and have not been able to resume sex due to the pain on the scar tissue. Would the Smart Balls hurt the same way?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Pelvic Floor Answers

Regarding using the Smart Balls, if you are experiencing pain from intercourse you may find it uncomfortable to insert and remove the Smart Ball and we would recommend using a healing cream on the scar tissue  - Aloe Vera or Vitamin E Oil or something recommended by a Natropath or Homeopath associated with a health food shop -they should be able to advise you for free. Improving blood flow to the area should help with healing as well, one of the benefits of doing your pelvic floor exercises.
I would recommend waiting another 4 weeks at least to allow greater healing as 8 weeks is not a great deal of time for the body to recover from the trauma of childbirth.
Once you feel more healed then I would recommend purchasing the Smart Ball Uno and lubricant pack - the Beginners Pack. Lubricant is essential to comfortable insertion and removal of the SmartBall and a hypoallergenic  lube is less likely to irritate the sensitive area.
For many women the Uno is sufficient to resolve pelvic floor issues and especially new mums. You can continue using it for as long as you like.
We do have information on ways to do pelvic floor exercise while you are waiting to heal. I recommend checking those out on the site.
I hope that answers your questions and don't hesitate to get back to us if you need more information.