Will I ruin the Smart Ball material by using any kind of lubricant?


Before I buy though I have a few questions... I am looking at just purchasing a uno ball. Do I need to buy the lubricant too or can I use supermarket bought lubricant? Will I ruin what its made of by using any kind of lubricant? And also as I can only afford the uno will it do the job as long as I keep on top of it? Or do I really have to have the duo?
I am hoping that I can use the uno and get myself stronger again and by keeping using the uno will be able to stay on top of it. I look forward to what you have to say.
Thanks so much,

Pelvic Floor Answers

Thank you for your enquiry. You can use any water-based lubricant with the Smart Balls, so a supermarket option should work fine. The lubricants we sell are more expensive to purchase, however they tend to last longer and are less likely to irritate as they are all hypo-allergenic. KY does not have a particularly pleasant consistency and does not lubricate for as long as the lube we sell, however it is an inexpensive option sold at the supermarket.
You cannot use an oil based product such as baby oil with Smart Balls and we would not recommend having such an oil inside the vagina. Many oil based products such as baby oil are petroleum based and are not body safe.

The Smart Ball Uno works fine for many women and some women do not need to progress on to the Duo as they achieve the result they need. If you follow the instructions for use you are likely to get the benefits you are after. If you feel you do want to progress to the Duo's  it will be a few months down the track anyway.