I have noticed many similar products available online for purchase what is the difference between them?


I am interested to know a bout the Smart Balls product. I have noticed many similar products available online for purchase. What is the difference between the whole range that is available if any exist.  I am looking to get one for myself.  Hope to hear from you.


There are many pelvic floor devices on the market and many copies of the Smart Balls. Essentially all pelvic floor balls are designed to do the same thing, to tone and strengthen pelvic floor muscles, the main difference is in the quality of the materials and the size and shape.
The Smart Balls brand are made in Germany and have been developed with the help of an incontinence specialist midwife to get the correct size and weight for optimum muscle training of the pelvic floor.

Smart Balls are made from medical grade silicone and are therefore hygienic to wear in the vagina for long periods of time.  This is necessary to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles effectively.
Smart Balls do not absorb body fluids, are easy clean-can be washed with hot water and soap - and are designed to be reused over a period of months and years.