I am having trouble getting the Smart Ball out!


Hi there just a quick question. I'm in my early 50s, had a hysterectomy and colpususpension (for bladder weakness) in September 2012. Tried the smart ball uno for the first time on Saturday morning. Found the object rather large to insert but once in it was fine. The tricky question relates to getting it out...found myself having to pull strongly on the pink 'tails' it eventually came out with a plop! but I did feel like I was lambing myself :)is there a knack to this you can pass on? My vagina was shortened a little during the operations in 2012, I have no cervix now. I'm assuming it is SAFE for me to use the ball - it wont affect the operation done on my bladder to tighten it up? A secret hint on how to get it out easily would be lovely thanks. Really want to give this a go but don't want to be worried or hesitant. Also the tails seem a little short - was worried about them getting 'lost' inside...I have never given birth so wondered if this was an issue? Just wanted some feedback on being able to use this device with confidence.

Pelvic Floor Answers;

thank you for your email. The Smart Balls are perfectly safe to have in the vagina, and as they are weighted, as soon as you are in a vertical position -sitting or standing, they will drop down to rest on your pelvic floor muscles, you can then retrieve them. As they sit inside the vagina they will not come into contact with the bladder and we recommend always removing them when you are lying down as they are not effective when you are horizontal so there will be no additional pressure on the bladder.
Are you using lubricant? If not then I would definitely recommend getting a good hypo-allergenic lubricant and putting a little on the Uno before inserting.
The key to successful insertion and removal is relaxing your pelvic floor muscles. You should not need to pull very hard on the removal loop and if you do it is an indication that your muscles are tense. This is not uncommon when you getting used to using the Smart Balls.
First I recommend making sure you have some privacy and plenty of time when inserting and removing the balls, this helps to stay relaxed.
Use the same method as below, for inserting and removing
You can stand, with one foot up on a low stool or side of the bath, or alternatively sit on the edge of bath/chair/toilet with lid down.
Lubricate the Uno, practise tensing and releasing your pelvic floor muscles so you are aware of how they feel in their relaxed state. Breathe slowly and deeply.
To insert; When you feel sufficiently relaxed gently insert the Uno, pushing it up in a similar way to a tampon, so it sits above the pelvic floor muscles. If you squeeze and relax the muscles it should feel comfortable, if too low down it will feel uncomfortable and probably slip out.
To remove; repeat the above steps, then gently push with your pelvic floor muscles and gently pull the loop. If it becomes difficult and you feel like you are pulling hard, then stop, relax, breathe slowly, squeeze and relax you muscles and try again. If necessary go away and come back 15-30 minutes later and repeat the relaxation then try again.
Once you get the hang of inserting and removing it will take you a few seconds each time, however to start with it is worth slowing everything down until you can confidently use it each time.
Hope that helps, we do have a good lubricant Probe, available on the website if you need to purchase some.