Which would be best for me, Smart Balls or Natratone?


My friend has just showed me this website - I have a prolapsed uterus so would be keen to try your product but not sure which one would be best? I don't have a problem with bladder leakage when sneezing or running etc... Also do you post to Australia?

Pelvic Floor Answers

The most effective device and the one we would recommend for a prolapse is the Natratone as it works a greater number of the pelvic floor and core muscles. Often women with a prolapse find there is insufficient space in the vagina due to the prolapse pushing down on the wall of the vagina. The Smart Balls sit up fairly high in the vagina whereas the Natratoner sits in the entrance to the vagina and is not usually affectedby a prolapse.
The more you can do to strengthen the muscles around the uterus the better the outcomes are long term to reduce the impact of a prolapse
Yes we deliver to Australia, orders are sent in discreet packaging, you can simply order via the website.