I'm very afraid to use Smart Balls again after surgery in case if it is too heavy and pushes tissues out of me again. Will this happen?


I have Smart Ball that I bought from this website 1-2 years ago.
I had an operation to fix up the damage from childbirth 3 times last 2 years eg tissue hanging out etc (its not prolapse)
Im very afraid to use Smart Ball again in case if it is too heavy and push tissues out of me again. Will this happen?

Pelvic Floor Answers

Thank you for your email and you are wise to be cautious. In this instance we would recommend purchasing and using the Natratone as an alternative to the Smart Ball. Without knowing a lot about the surgery you have had, or if there is any scar tissue, the Natratone would be likely to work better for you.

Natratone works both core and pelvic floor muscles and is more suitable for women who have had surgery in the pelvic area. The Natratone device sits in the vaginal opening and you do a series of muscle squeezes around the device and then repeat the exercises once the device is removed.
This trains both your brain and muscles to activate the correct muscles as needed, such as when you sneeze or go to the toilet.

As the Natratoner is only used during the 2 x 5 minute set of exercises every other day, there is no pressure on your pelvic floor muscles that have been compromised due to childbirth and surgery.

You can read more about Natratone