The Smart Ball Uno, I only can get in a little way into the vagina and it keeps falling out. I even tried it with lubricant.


I had an operation down there to fix the damage from childbirth like 2-3 months ago. I tried put smart ball inside me, had trouble putting it in me. The ball only can get in little and keep falling out. I even tried it with lubricant. Help! It feel like the ball is too big to up far inside me.Can I please check if you have the Single or double balls?

Pelvic Floor Answers;

The main reason women have difficulty inserting the Smart Ball is because they tighten their pelvic floor muscles without realising it. This makes it almost impossible to get the ball in or if it is in to take it out.
you need to insert it to a similar point you would a tampon -if you have used these before. It needs ot sit on top of your pelvic floor muscles and will simple slip out if you have it too far down.
I recommend finding some time on your own and practising squeezing and relaxing your muscles several times so you can feel what is happening if you tense up. Also breather slowly and deeply as you relax and tighten your PC muscles. Sitting or standing with one leg o a chair may make it easier to insert.
Then lubricate the ball and breathing slowly and deeply, relax your muscles and gently insert the ball.
If it is painful or uncomfortable stop, relax and try again.
If it is just not working, leave t and try some time later.
Once you have got the hang of it it will only take a few seconds to insert.
Wear the ball for 5-15 minutes the first time and then add on 5-15min each day until you feel confident taking them in and out and wearing them for longer periods of time.
The instruction leaflet is helpful too.