Will smart balls help keep my Uterus from descending more ?


Hi I'm 66- My Uterus has dropped a bit - so starting to do Kegel Pelvic floor exercises more.
I'd like to know will smart balls help keep my Uterus from descending more ?
do you have any testimonials from women who have used smart balls for this reason ?
Have their been any clinical studies involving smart balls ? 

Pelvic Floor Answers;

Depending on how much your uterus has dropped will determine if Smart Balls are right for you.
They can be suitable for mild to moderate prolapse however you must have sufficient room to be able to position the Smart Ball above the pelvic floor muscles -above the vaginal opening.
Smart Balls are a simple muscle training system and versions of them have been used effectively by women for hundreds of years.
We have been using and kegel balls and selling them for over 15 years and supply midwives and women health physiotherapists with the balls and programmes for use over this time.
They are a well recognised and supported device for bladder weakness although to my knowledge no clinical trials have been conducted.
If you do not have sufficient space for inserting the Smart Ball or are not sure, we recommend the Natratone. This device is used for active exercise and sites in the vaginal canal (you do not move around whilst wearing it). This have been developed by women physiotherapists who specialise in women's pelvic floor health and is effective for women of al ages and a good alternative for those who cannot use Smart Balls.