Will I have to use Smart Balls for the rest of my life?


Hello, I have been reading about your products with interest and think I might give the smart balls a go. However I am just wondering - what happens after someone has progressed to being super-awesome at using the smart balls duo? Do they just continue to wear them, 10 hours per day for the rest of their life? It doesn't seem to me that our vaginas are really designed to have something in there in perpetuity... or once things are all toned and strong, can you just use infrequently to keep the tone?

Pelvic Floor Answers;

Thanks for your enquiry. Once you are satisfied with the state of your pelvic floors you can switch to a maintenance phase, wearing them for a day once every 1 or  2 weeks should help you to stay on top of things. Some women choose to do another intense workout when they reach a particular life stage or after an event, ie approaching menopause and during, if they are planning to have another child, or after surgery or a particularly bad cold where they have coughed a lot etc.