Should I use the Natratone and then the Smart Ball Uno?


Hi, I've been diagnosed with a severe prolapse of the uterus (by a GP), I have an appointment with a specialist scheduled but not for a few months.
I have a Smart Ball Uno and have started using it but wonder if I should be using the NatraTone first to build up strength and then progress to the Uno. Can you please advise me of the correct course of action.

Pelvic Floor Answers

Smart Balls and Natratone have been effective for many women with a prolapse. They are most likely to be help women with a mild to moderate prolapse. For women with a severe prolapse the results are less clear.

Any work you can do to improve pelvic floor strength will support the decisions you make regarding treatment options. For example if you decide on surgery, then having stronger pelvic floor muscles is likely to help with your recovery. You may also find there are some improvements after following a pelvic floor toning programme.

We would recommend the Natratone to get you started as women with a severe prolapse are not always able to insert the Smart Balls correctly or hold them for sufficient time.
We suggest using the Natratone more frequently and for a longer period of time than the standard recommended programme. For example, start 3 days per week for 1-2 weeks then increase to 5 days per week and then daily, continue this 3-5 months. Once you learn the Natratone exercises you may be able to continue without the device. 

If you do choose surgery and are able to exercise up until you go in for surgery, this is likely to be beneficial.Check with your surgeon when you can resume exercising and start slowly, building up your strength.
Some women do find that sufficient pelvic floor strength means they no longer require surgery, however as each woman's situation is unique, only you and your health professionals will be able to determine this.