Will Smart Balls improve sexual sensation?


Hi there,i have a question about smart balls i have had 6 children and have slight bladder leaks but i am also a bit ermm loose will these balls help to tighten that area?

Pelvic Floor answers;

This is a very common issue for women and particularly those who have 2 or more children.
Yes, with regular use the Smart Balls will  improve your pelvic floor tone and prevent bladder weakness. Most women notice improved sexual sensation as a result of stronger muscles and improved circulation to the area.Male partners also notice an improved squeeze, often within a few weeks.
The website has very good information about the balls and how to use them and they also come with instructions.I would recommend the Power Pack as this has everything you need for a long term solution to bladder weakness.
Smart Balls can be used daily with little effort which is why they are very popular with busy women.