When can I start using Smart Balls after giving birth?


Hi there I have one of your smart balls but am now 8 weeks pregnant with jumbo 3 and just read that I shouldn't use the smart ball whilst pregnant.
What one should I use? When can I use my smart ball again?
Thanks for helping me out on this

Pelvic Floor Answers;

Thank you for getting in touch.
We do not recommend using Smart Balls during pregnancy as everyone is very risk averse at this time. You can resume 6 weeks after birth provided everything is healed up and you have sign off from you health professional.
You can use the Natratone during pregnancy as this is not worn inside the body for any length of time, this is an ideal way to keep your pelvic floors in good shape throughout the pregnancy and you can continue to use after giving birth on it's own or in conjunction with the Smart Balls.