Are your orders sent out in discreet packaging?


Hi, I have two questions.
The first is would using both the Natratone and smart balls- not at the same time- but doing the Natratone tone exercises and then in between using the smart balls had a quicker and better result, or should I choose one or the other?
Also I live in a complex and our mail is closeted by reception. I was wondering if your packaging is discrete. I wouldn't want anyone to know I was buying these items I'm a bit embarrassed.

Pelvic Floor Answers;

  1. Thank you for your email. The Natratone and the SmartBalls do work in different ways to achieve the end goal of strong pelvic floor muscles, so yes using both products is likely to get a better result and faster as well.
  2. Yes the packaging is definitely very discreet, this is a concern for almost all of our customers. We use Courier Post courier bags that have only our return address -no business name and is very discreet.