I am in my 20's and find sometimes when I'm wearing the balls I still leak urine when sneezing I was wondering is this normal?


I'm in my 20's and have been experiencing bladder leakage (In general, while exercising and sneezing), I developed a bad habit from really bad anxiety going to the toilet frequently and trying to empty my bladder 3 or 4 times each time I went, this had been happening for some time. I also do really heavy lifting at the gym 4-6 days a week. I've been using the duo balls for an average of 6 hours everyday for 6 weeks but haven't noticed much change, I also find sometimes when I'm wearing the balls I still leak urine when sneezing I was wondering is this normal? Is it ok for me to still be lifting heavy at the gym and how long before you reckon I notice the balls helping?

Pelvic floor answers;

thank you for contacting PFH. you may have two slightly different issues that are connected.
  • Re the frequent urination, this is called overactive bladder OAP and you can retrain yourself to stop doing this here is some information about OAP and steps that you can take to stop it.
  • Re the lifting of heavy weights, heavy lifting can create pressure on the pelvic floor and ultimately lead to prolapse. People performing heavy weight training at a gym can also be at risk of straining the pelvic floor. Constipation can cause similar issues.
  • I would recommend stopping  limiting the weight training you are doing and focusing on developing your core strength and continuing to use the Smart Balls as you do this. When your core is strong enough and you have learned to engage your core/pelvic floor before lifting you may be able to return to weights. You could try alternative exercise options if you find the exercise helpful for your anxiety.
  • If you have developed a prolapse already, the core exercises and SmartBalls should limit the harm done, and they will certainly help to prevent a prolapse if you do not have one.
  • The 6 weeks of SmartBall use  is a minimum period and it does depend on where your muscles were at to start with. Keep using them regularly and combined with core exercises you should be able to slowly build up pelvic floor muscle tone. Some women who have significant bladder leakage use them for over 3 months before achieving significant improvement.
  • I do not recommend wearing the SmartBalls when you are weight lifting, but they are fine for other exercise and upright daily activities