Can I use Smart Balls with a grade 3 prolapse?


Can you still Use Smart Balls if you have a grade 3 prolapse post birth. How effective are they compared to surgery?

Pelvic floor Answers;

thank you for your email. A grade 3 prolapse is relatively severe and we would recommend using the Natratone as an alternative to Smart Balls. It can be difficult to comfortably wear the Smart Balls if the prolapse is pushing heavily onto the vaginal wall.
The Natratoner is inserted in the vaginal opening and used in a series of active exercises to improve pelvic floor strength and to improve the neural pathway between the brain and the PC muscles.
Any action you can take to improve muscle tone and blood flow to the pelvic floor area will make some improvements even should you choose the surgical route, reducing recovery times and for many women potentially removing the need for surgery.
Not all pelvic floor reconstruction surgery is successful and it can be worthwhile to seek alternatives before selecting that option.
Should you choose Natratone, we would recommend continuing with the programme for a minimum of 12 weeks and continuing on a ongoing basis to get the maximum chance of some improvement.
It is not likely that this course of exercise will reverse your prolapse, however it is likely to prevent a worsening of the prolapse and will provide stronger muscles in the pelvic girdle to support your prolapse.
Let me know if we can be of further help