Why exercise if I don't have any leakage issues?


Hi, I am youngish, haven't had children and don't have any leakage issues, do I still need to exercise?

Pelvic Floor Answers

Why exercise your pelvic floor and inner core muscles if you don't experience leakage? Because our pelvic girdle and  core muscles are no different from any other muscles in the body in that they work and feel better if they are toned.
Becoming aware and keeping this area of your body toned means you are highly unlikely to develop bladder weakness later in your life.
Should you not give birth or have any issues that might cause bladder weakness, for many women menopause is a time when they develop bladder weakness as a result of the changing hormones at this life stage.
Good pelvic floor tone throughout your life will prevent issues such as incontinence in older age.