Why is lubricant so important for women?

At Pelvic Floor Health we recommend lube as a standard bedside accessory for women who are using Smart Balls and for sexually active women of all ages.

Why use lube with Smart Balls?

Smart Balls are easier to insert and remove using lubricant. As you will be wearing the Smart Balls for long periods of time, it is also essential that they move around inside the vagina comfortably and without any friction. 

For most women natural lubrication kicks in when you are sexually aroused and not usually in your normal un-aroused state, such as when you are wearing Smart Balls. At different times in your monthly cycle and at different life stages - such as menopause -or post cervical surgery, many women find they are less lubricated. The wall of the vagina can become thinner and more sensitive, the function of lube is like the oil in your car, to quietly keep you lubed up.

We have carefully selected water-based hypo-allergenic lubes that have good lubricating properties and are unlikely to cause a allergic reaction. None of these lubes are flavoured or coloured and we do not recommend using a lube that is, as these can irritate you.
Please do not use an oil based lube with your Smart Balls as many are petroleum based (such as baby oil) and can react with the silicone material of the Smart Ball as well as the vaginal lining.

We recommend using a lube for sexual activity as it can take the pressure off for many women and make sex more comfortable and pleasurable. Many women find the difference between sex with lube and sex without lube quite astounding.