Which product is best for me?


I am 37 and 8 months post partum,having given birth naturally to a large baby (4.1kg), I still get some urinary leakage when sneezing.  Which product is best?

Pelvic Floor Replies

Either Smart Balls or Natratone is suitable for you to use. So it is really a matter of which product will suit your lifestyle. 
Natratone involves putting a small amount of time aside - two 5-10 minute sessions 3 times a week for at least 6 weeks and we recommend continuing the exercises ongoing. Natratone is an easy programme of active exercises and will work both core and pelvic floor muscles.

Smart Balls are inserted vaginally and worn as you go about your daily activities, I would recommend starting with the Uno and moving onto the Duo (you can purchase these as a Power Pack). Again for a minimum of 6-12 weeks of daily or every other day. With Smart Balls, once you have muscle memory, you only have to remember to insert and remove.

Time wise Natratone overall will take less time to achieve results provided you are disciplined to do the active exercises.

Hope that helps