Are Smart Balls effective in the treatment of bowel incontinence?


PFH You talk about urine incontinence mostly. Are the balls equally useful for bowel incontinence?

Pelvic Floor Answers;

The pelvic girdle consists of a group of muscles connected from the stomach through the pelvis and supporting around the vagina, uterus and anus. By strengthening this group of muscles you strengthen the pelvic floor and sphincter muscles and this is likely to be of benefit for bowel incontinence as well. Often urinary and bowel incontinence will be linked for women.

If you have bowel incontinence please first consult with your doctor or a specialist in case there are any underlying issues that may be more serious and require medical intervention. 

If the issue you are facing is caused by weak muscles, or is likely to be improved by stronger muscles, then we recommend the Natratone as the better option as it uses a greater group of the core muscles and is also more effective in helping you to develop the reactions required to activate your pelvic floor muscles which are used to control bladder and bowel control.

Natratone is a simple series of exercises and you can continue them long term to ensure you maintain good muscle tone.

Eating a healthy diet with plenty of fibre, vegetables and drinking a lot of water can be a great help along with probiotics for healthy bowel bacteria - you can ask for these at a health food shop or a Natropath as good bowel health may require a multi-approach