I was recommended the Natratone exercise programme by my GP when I saw her about a mild pelvic organ prolapse I was experiencing

I see your Natratone is out of stock can you please advise when it will be back or an alternative product I can use?

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the Natratone. 
The Natratone manufacturer has shifted out of NZ to the USA and we are still working through supply issues so do not currently have any in stock. 
For mild prolapse issues we find the Smart Balls are around 90% more popular with women than the Natratone so you may wish to trial these as an alternative. 
Smart Balls are more easily used as part of your daily routine hence their popularity. They are very effective at resolving bladder weakness issues. 
I you do wish to try the Smart Balls I would recommend the Beginners Pack with the Single-Uno SmartBall and hypoallergenic lube. 
You can easily place an order via the Pelvic Floor website. 
Please feel free to get in touch if your require any more information