I recently purchased SmartBalls from Pelvic Floor Health and it looks like they have plastic in them. I did not want plastic inside my body

Can you please advise what Smart Balls are made from?

Pelvic Floor Answers

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the materials the Smart Balls are made from.
SmartBalls are a combination of medical Grade silicone and medical grade plastic. Both these materials are non porous, durable and designed to be purchased only once if looked after.
The medical grade plastic is BPA free and the silicone is phthalate free. The entire product is made in Germany and have been the most consistently safe and effective pelvic floor toners available on the market.

The purpose of the medical grade plastic in the Smart Ball is to provide a hard surface for the inner ball to move against to increase the stimulation to the pelvic floor muscles and also to make the product easier to both insert and remove.
A softer surface gives less for your muscles to move against when it is time for the SmartBall to be removed and can make this process a bit more challenging.

The benefit of the very durable medical grade plastic is that the product is designed for long term use rather than as a disposable item, reducing pollution. The hypoallergenic nature of the silicone and plastic mean only water and soap are required as cleaners, also reducing chemical use for washing.

We hope this answers your question and addresses any concerns you may have.