What is the best solution for a trans guy with bladder weakness?

Question; I'm a trans guy who has had bladder weakness since pre transition. I hoped with increased muscle tone it would have gotten better but it hasn't at all. There is no medical reason for it, everything was checked when I had my hysterectomy and it's all healthy. Aside form the hysto I still have all the factory fitted plumbing. 

I was wondering which of the solutions would be best? I like the idea of the balls better, more for the fact I can put them in and leave them but I'm happy to take direction on what's best. I would just be happy to be able to go for a run/hike without smelling like pee . . . 

Pelvic Floor Answers

Thanks so much for your question. Making pelvic floor health information available and accessible for trans guys is vital and we really appreciate your courage emailing in.

You’ll have noticed most of our written info is focused towards cis-women so please change out what body part names etc work for you.

Many people experience pelvic floor weakness even though there is no apparent medical reason. Toning and strengthening your muscle tone through focused stimulation such as with the Smart Balls is definitely something we recommend both pre and post any pelvic surgery, and that becomes essential if you have experienced bladder weakness pre surgery.

Even though you have not noticed an improvement with increased muscle tone (I’m guessing you are referring to after being on T and the increased muscle tone in your body), one benefit of being on T is that you won’t experience the increased muscle weakness that come from aging with female hormones.

So back to the inner workout regime that will work for you. Whatever you feel comfortable to name your bits, using SmartBalls (for top hole use only) is a great place to start.

Smart Balls are very effective as long as you do actually use them regularly. I’d recommend a Power Pack which gives the option of both the Uno single ball which is a great place to start, along with the Duo which you can use once your pelvic floor tone increases.

You are basically toning a strengthening a hammock of band of muscles that attaches to the pubic bone in the front and the sacrum.
Use lube to insert the balls and do read the detailed insertion tips here.

Do be mindful of your bodies response to wearing the Smart Balls internally and build up gradually so it feels like a positive experience.
Once you can hold the Smartball Uno inside easily without it slipping down towards the opening, you can then actually go out and about with the Smart Balls in…walking and tramping with Smartballs is a fantastic pelvic floor workout and something to aspire to.
It is different for everyone but after 3-4 weeks of daily use, there should be a noticeable increase in pelvic floor strength, and less leakage.

Once you have mastered the Uno, try using the Duo balls as the greater weight will aid the toning and strengthening process too. 

Do persevere as you deserve to be able to do the activities you enjoy without pee leakage. If you feel inspired let us know how you get on…