Covid 19 lock down update. 

After careful consideration of the MBIE guidelines for an essential service and whether we could meet the criteria for safe operation for both staff and customers,  our company has registered with MBIE as an essential service (MBIEEB-831) as we believe maintaining good pelvic floor health is important for the mental health and physical well being of women.

This means we can deliver directly to your door in a contactless transaction. Only one Pelvic Floor Team member in good health who is in a closed bubble will process your orders.following good hand washing protocols and wearing a face mask. 

As standard practise we recommend washing always your Smart Balls before use and as these are made from super hygienic and durable silicone, you can wash them in hot soapy water and rinse soap residues off. Please do not use any chemical sprays with your Smart Balls as the vagina is a sensitive area and residues could irritate. Preferable to use sensitive soap, however a good rinse should remove any soap residues

If you are in lock down at home, you can wear your SmartBalls around home and as you get more confident wear them out and about about walking and exercising.

If you do get an illness causing coughing, it can result in bladder leakage. We encourage you to do your pelvic floor exercises daily or use Smart Balls and get your pelvic floor muscles back in shape

Stay safe, stay home and use the time to banish bladder weakness