Do I exercise whilst wearing the SmartBall Uno?


I recently purchased the beginners pack 
Do I have to still do the pelvic floor exercises when I wear the Ball? 
Also I cough a bit from asthma and hayfever and find it falls out. Do I need to do any exercise or will this improve as I wear them 
I had an anterior repair but I still have bit of leakage when I cough so I'm really hoping these balls will help with leakage.

Pelvic Floor Answers

Over time your pelvic floor muscles will tone and strengthen and it will be easier for the balls to stay in. Once you get some tone, you may be able to squeeze when you cough or sneeze to prevent them from popping out. 
I recommend increasing the amount of time you wear them for each day and being as active as possible- housework, walking etc while you wear them once you are confident. While you do not have to do pelvic floor exercises, the more active you are the quicker you will regain strength.